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We are SO excited to welcome our latest Guest Editor, the legendary make-up artist and brand founder, Trish McEvoy!

If you’re a fan of moseying through the beauty aisles of Liberty, Selfridges and Harvey Nichols (frankly, the holy trinity of department stores) where Trish McEvoy’s sleek black beauty counters reside, you will have some idea of who this cosmetics queen is. Her chic and elegantly packaged make-up that has spectacular results (hello Lash Curling Mascara, Triangle of Light Eye Masks and Lip Perfector Conditioning Balm – all firm PANEL favourites)  – and clever make-up planners have probably had you drooling and reflect her incredibly groomed and polished persona. BUT if you’ve ever met Trish in person, you will  be in no doubt as to who she is. Tour de Force should really be in her Wikipedia entry, followed shortly by, dynamo, powerhouse and breath of fresh air. Trish’s hugely popular workshops –  in pre-covid times she travelled around the world giving interactive presentations – are blow your mind sessions of empowerment that lift women up and leave them in little doubt that make-up and skincare are powerful tools for self care and boosting self-esteem. From personal experience, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to call her a beauty evangelist – the way she can whip up a crowd is fascinating – even a British one…

Read on for Trish’s Top 5 beauty, skin and hair essentials as well as her must visit restaurants in New York >>



Yes, it is tricky asking an international best selling make-up artist what her essentials are without them all being her own brand but we rinsed her hard and Trish came up with some surprising essentials that fell outside her own incredible range...

Trish McEvoy Correct and Brighten® Beta Hydroxy Pads Daily Exfoliator, £45

"Very important to me is that skincare is effective and our Beta Hydroxy Daily Exfoliating pads enable my moisturisers to best absorb and I LOVE how my makeup goes on over my exfoliated skin."

Aquaphor Lip Repair, £3.65

"I’ve recommended this to so many friends and clients. It’s the best for protecting skin that’s healing, whether it’s from chapped lips to a chemical peel."

The Light Salon Boost LED Face Mask, £395

"I have been using this mask for over two years and it has made such a difference! It has helped reduce the appearance of wrinkles, plump the skin and even out my skin tone all while adding hydration."

Trish McEvoy, No. 9 Blackberry and Vanilla Musk Super Enriched Hand and Body Cream 100g, £39

"My No 9 Blackberry and Vanilla Musk Super Enriched Hand and Body Cream – It makes your skin feel great and goes on beautifully. I designed it to be a luxurious experience from the minute you open the jar. The scent is deliciously rich but still very subtle."

Fresh Affair Dry Shampoo by Kerastase, 150g, £20.65

"This extends my blow-dries so I can avoid creating more damage on my hair. Heat is so bad for your hair! But this is terrific because it also gives more volume and texture in addition to absorbing oil. And it smells so fresh and clean. Highly recommend!"

It has to be said, T.M. energy levels are definitely not normal, especially considering  (having done a little sneaky maths) that we’re pretty sure that she is now enjoying her seventh decade! YUP. Check out these pics and let your mind boggle. Irritatingly, It has only just struck us that we should have asked Trish for her top 5 supplements/deals with devil,  but instead she chose New York restaurants for her personal non beauty related list and maybe that is part of her secret? We’ll be having what she’s having at every one of them just as soon as we can…

How did Trish McEvoy become an iconic make-up brand? As the daughter of an innately glamorous mother and the granddaughter of a successful Berlin perfumier, beauty was always part of Trish McEvoy’s story. Trish was born in Dublin but went to live in Berlin for the first 12 years of her life, absorbing the business of beauty first hand from her grandmother’s perfume shops until she moved to New York. Her first job was working behind an Estee Lauder cosmetics counter in a Virginia department store.  Anyone working in a beauty hall take note!
Trish trained as a make-up artist and showed a talent for making televised appearances showing women how to apply their make-up but her big break came, when aged 25 she officially designed and produced her own range of make-up brushes, which provided the foundation for her entire range today.

All Trish McEvoy Products available from Liberty, Selfridges and Harvey Nichols

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Images left to right: Trish walking her dog,  Holding her famous brushes that started the whole Trish McEvoy empire, a press event hosted by Trish in Dublin, actress Grace McGovern wearing Trish McEvoy Eye Brightener Pencil in Shell and Lash Curling Tubular Mascara applied by make-up artist Brooke Simons.

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Trish's Top 5 New York Restaurants

Trish McEvoy knows New York and she knows the best places to eat! When we asked her to give us a personal top 5 - eateries were top of her list. We can't wait to follow her food map of New York. It will happen!


“I love the chef and owner, Alfred Portale. He is truly gifted! His menu is elevated in its simplicity; the freshness of the ingredients, and casual experience are two things I most enjoy. My go-to dish is the Branzino!”


“Indochine has been one of my favorite restaurants for decades. I love the spirit, I love the style, I love how it has not changed in decades
other than the evolution of the generations. I love the owners, the
individuality, the food;I love everything about indochine!”

Tutto il Giorno

“My guilty pleasure in life is pasta, and no one does it better than
Tutto il Giorno. Not only is the food magnificent, but the memories I have
with those closest to me in this restaurant top all!”

Il Cantinori

“I’ve been going here for literally decades. I’ve known the maitre’d for over 20 years. It’s such a feeling of comfort and warmth when you truly know the people in a restaurant. The food is consistently delicious and the atmosphere makes you feel like you’re coming home for a really good meal.”



“Going to Balthazar is like going to a brasserie in Europe. It’s a great way to “travel” without ever having to leave the city. Everything is pure perfection! Everyone raves about the bakery, but for me, the best thing is ordering a Café au lait. It comes in a bowl! As a true coffee lover, that’s heaven!”

Trish's Top 5 Makeup Buys

We like to imagine that Trish McEvoy lives in a palace with pilars made from mascaras and a loo seat shaped like a powder compact and of course cupboards filled with her own make-up but she kindly told us which are her very favourite items and even managed to find a couple of products that she didn't invent herself...

Trish McEvoy High Volume Mascara, £22.50

"I love lashes! Mascara makes the lashes look thicker, longer and
create a more wide-eye, defined look."

Ruby Hammer Porcelain Brush Holder, from £15

"I have always loved order and organization! I love placing my makeup brushes in the beautifully colored Ruby Hammer porcelain brush holders. I color coordinate my brushes by category. My complexion/cream brushes go in the yellow cup, my powder brushes in the pink and my eye brushes in the orange."

Essie Gel Couture, Fairy Tailor, 13.5ml, £9.99

"Essie Gel Couture in Fairy Tailor because it’s very natural, like your nails but better – and it stays on for over a week!"

Trish McEvoy, Correct and Even Full-Face Perfector, £40

"This is my go-to desert island product. It eliminates all under eye
darkness but can also be used as a corrector for redness, blemishes or
hyperpigmentation. It makes flawless skin second nature."

Trish McEvoy Make up Brushes, various, from £14

"My ambition and drive has always been to take the guess work
out of applying makeup. I created the tools to make makeup application
easy and quick! The brush you choose determines the look you achieve
and will do the work for you. They are as important of a purchase as the
makeup you chose."