Top 5 Non-Smudge Mascaras

Fed up with looking like a drunk who's been for a swim by noon? Here are the *tubing mascaras that just won't budge. All reviewed by Ellie who has flat, oily eyes. Yes, a make-up artist did once tell her that...

*tubing mascaras wrap your lashes in polymers rather than loading them with pigment so there's absolutely no running.

Trish Mcevoy high volume mascara, £22.50

“I really, really love this mascara.  I prefer the high volume version as it’s slightly less wet in texture than the curling version and you can create lovely thick lashes that won’t try to migrate to your chin by your 11 o’clock meeting.”


Kevyn Aucoin the volume mascara -Rich Pitch Black, £22

” I bought this on an urgent mascara mission in Space NK and was extremely pleased with the results.  A glossy mascara that gives lovely length and natural looking separated lashes.  Great for a more sleek and subtle look.”


Revlon Mega Multiplier Mascara - Black, £9.99

“This is a great budget option for anyone who wants to try out the miracle of a tubing mascara without too much financial commitment.  This is one of the better less expensive versions I’ve tried as it has a more generous brush than some and you can easily coat your lashes and build up the product.  I will definitely be buying this version next month as I have to buy curtains and blinds and will be broke for the foreseeable.”

Fairydrops - Scandal Queen Quattro Mascara, £18.50

“A super cute addition to your makeup bag and my first foray into the miracle of tubing mascaras   This has a great curved wand for super easy application and for loading on lots of product for lovely full and long lashes.”

L'Oreal Paris Double Extension Beauty Tubes Mascara, £11.99

“This is the only tubing mascara I’ve tried with a primer and I have to say it does give spectacular length.  There is a pleasure pain element here though.  I find the primer makes my lashes feel quite dry so although the look is excellent, by the end of the day my eyes feel a bit dry.  It also feels harder to remove than the other versions.  A great option for evenings out when you want extra drama though.”