meet our guest editors... Ftoxins Delphine and Ariane Chui

This month we chat to sisters, natural beauty aficionados and all round lovely people Delphine and Ariana Chui who run award winning lifestyle blog ftoxins, the place to go for natural beauty swaps and eco friendly lifestyle hacks.

We absolutely love these feisty beauty investigators. Ariane and Delphine are sisters on a mission to  educate and illuminate consumers on the benefits of toxin-free beauty products. Having grown up with their mother practising homeopathy, Ariane (35) and Delphine (31) always had an awareness of holistic health but it wasn’t until their twenties, feeling caught up in consumerist culture, brand names and trends that they started to realise something wasn’t sitting quite right. Now, they only buy organic, fairtrade and cruelty-free products, not only for their own health but to respect the welfare of workers and wildlife too. Their award winning blog, FToxins was set up to help other people make cleaner, kinder choices and the sisters are particularly well known for their straight-to-the point Instagram swaps, finding toxin-free alternatives to some of our favourite mainstay products. You wouldn’t think clean beauty would be such a controversial topic but the sisters definitely take a lot of flack for speaking out about their findings. In our opinion, we definitely need more people to ask questions and we need more agitators in this world and these are some of the nicest agitators you’ll ever meet. We asked Ariane and Delphine to tell us what their top 5 make-up and skincare products are as well as a Brucie bonus list of the mood boosting and health nurturing supplements they swear by.

Delphine's Top 5 Make-up products
Benecos Lip Liner (in brown)

Their brown lip liner is my favourite nude for everyday - plus, Benecos is an affordable and accessible certified organic makeup brand so they’re one of my go-tos in general.

Lavera Deep Darkness Mascara

I used to get headaches from using petroleum-based mascaras so finding an alternative that uses fairtrade ingredients from certified organic agriculture and natural essential oils was a gamechanger!

Miild Concealer Duo (in medium boon)

A little goes a long way with this organic, hypoallergenic formula. I use it to instantly brighten up my undereyes and remove any redness around my nose. 

Green People Pressed Powder (in caramel light)

I’ve got naturally oily/combination skin so a finishing powder to keep me looking matte is a must. Plus, it stops me looking shiny when someone takes a photo of me with flash!

Ere Perez Carrot Pot (in healthy: tan caramel)

This multi purpose balm works as an eye shadow, blusher or lipstick but I mainly use it to give the apple of my cheeks a bit of colour which helps me look all round healthier. 

How adorable are these sisters? We had to show a few of their winning 90’s fashion moves.

“I stopped using water-based and preservative filled creams a while ago. A few drops of a good organic oil (I have several on rotation) is so much better for your skin, whatever your skin type…”

Ariane Chui

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You can follow Delphine and Ariane here:

Instagram: @ftoxins 

Website: ftoxins


Ariane's Top 5 Skincare Products

This cleanser is literally good enough to eat – it is 98% food grade! Although it is for daily use, it also has a hint of exfoliator in which leaves my skin feeling extra clean and glowing.


French website, Aromazone, is our go to for all our DIY beauty needs. This mask, and the actives they recommend mixing with it, make it worth dusting off your French GCSE skills for.


As someone who doesn’t wash their face in the morning, I rely on mists to wake my face up. This one gets bonus points for the Moringa Peptides that protects my skin against pollution.


I stopped using water-based and preservative filled creams a while ago. A few drops of a good organic oil (I have several on rotation) is so much better for your skin, whatever your skin type.


Mixing a pump of this Serum with a few drops of face oil creates the most hydrating and moisturising treat for your skin. Hyaluronic Acid is an absolute must in any skincare routine.


The Chui sisters know their supplements! We asked Delphine to tell us their ultimate pick-me-ups and immune system supporters...


This is a dietary fibre which kicks your metabolism into gear, keeps your cholesterol down and relieves any tension in your blood vessels. I take it because I find it counteracts the physical and mental responses I personally get from any processed oils I’ve eaten.


This amino acid is believed to inhibit glycation, one of the main causes of cellular ageing. And, the sulfar amino acid in taurine aids the movement of potassium, calcium, magnesium and sodium around your brain, which I notice has a positive effect on my mood.

NAC Cysteine

I take this during particularly boozy periods in my life as it encourages gluthathione, which reduces toxic acetadlehyde in your body (AKA why you get a hangover) and helps to regenerate your liver.


This is a great anti-inflammatory so I take it when I’m feeling a little rundown. Also, applying this antioxidant agent to the skin can help reduce oiliness, delay the appearance of ageing and fade dark spots. 

Vegan Omega-3

Omega-3 counteracts unhealthy trans fats that come from vegetable oils when they’re processed or cooked on a high heat so I take this when I’ve been eating out a lot.