• Age: 17
  • Skin Type: Combination Skin/Mild Acne

I am currently studying for my A Levels and beginning the terrifying process of applying for university, where I hope to study English Literature. I love to hang out with my friends, and read, and watch films — but I’m also a massive fan of makeup and skincare! It sounds like a cliché, but I would say I’ve been interested in beauty products since childhood, from my very first toy phone in a magazine that was full of different lipglosses, to today, when I still rely on Bobbi Brown’s teenage beauty book. I used to sit in with my mum while she did her makeup in the morning, and whilst I was admittedly a lot more interested in what was on the TV at first, I quickly grew to love looking at all of my mum’s beauty products — I remember specifically red nail polish, Jean Paul Gaultier perfume, and the smell of Kiehls bath products. I can’t speak for all teenagers, but I consider skincare to be super important, and makeup to be a tool to enhance, rather than mask, so most of what I use is quite light and natural (except for during festival season, or nighttime, when I use a lot of glitter and eyeliner!), and I really think before I buy.

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