• Age: 44
  • Skin Type: Very Dry

As the former Style Editor of Heat (High Beckhamese era), then Hello! Fashion (Table settings/Olivia Palermo/Monarchy Mania) I have been in the very privileged position of having the keys to my own beauty cupboard for well over a decade - a designated room/cupboard at work stuffed to the polystyrene rafters with the latest products you could ever hope to try, test and fill your pores with

These days, as a freelance journalist and mother of three I no longer have access to the cupboard of dreams and have to shock horror, PAY for my own beauty products. My extensive knowledge of all things beauty from my days working on magazines and my acute price point awareness means that I am now even more fussy about what products I use and whether or not they are good value. Also my skin is so DRY (as in snows when I take my trousers off dry) so I spend a lot of time looking for skin quenching products to fend off fine lines and blizzards.

Ellie's Top 5 Makeup Products

Ellie's Top 5 Skincare Products