Phone, Keys… SPF

Even on a cloudy, rainy day, I won’t leave home without putting on SPF. Some people might think, why on earth would you need sun protection when there’s no sun but the evidence for year-round sun protection and the benefit to your skin is huge…


Not only do sunscreens protect your face from UVA and UVB rays (these come through even on cloudy days), it will help keep those pesky wrinkles and definitely keeps age spots at bay for longer.

Most people only wear sunscreens on hot days. The reality is that UV rays, which cause skin cancer and sun damage are ever present. No matter the weather or cloud coverage, your skin is always being attacked by UV rays causing premature ageing, pigmentation marks and sun damage. The only solution is to wear SPF daily.

Famously glowing actors who swear by thier daily SPF include Julianne Moore who says that she has worn sunscreen every day since she was 23, pairing SPF 30 sunscreen with a face oil every morning.

Diane Kruger wears SPF 50 daily having noticed the emergence of brown spots when she moved to Los Angeles and Jennifer Garner is another fierce advocate of daily SPF protection…

“You don’t have intentions to brush your teeth, then not brush them, we all brush our teeth, every single day.  [Sunscreen] has to be as non-negotiable as brushing your teeth.”

Jennifer Garner

Which one to choose?

Always choose a sunscreens that has broad protection as this protects against both UVA and UVB rays.

SPF – If possible use a SPF 50 as this is very high protection. A minimum of SPF 30 is the general recommendation for everyday use.

Worried about a white cast? Don’t be! Our FIIVE SPF recommendations include high protection creams that won’t leave an unflattering white residue, no matter what your skin type or colour.

By Kit