fiive minutes 5 Best Advent Calendars

It's Christmaaaaaaaas! OK, it's not but 2020 has been so absolutely rubbish we've decided to bring it forward and if you're at all interested in getting your hands on one of the sell-out, coveted beauty advent calendars this year, you might want to start your research now.

Last year the Cult Beauty calendar sold out in under two hours, while the launch of Liberty’s now iconic calendar, typically sees people queueing round the block from 6am. And to think when we were growing up, a postage stamp sized picture of a red candle surrounded by a holly wreath was enough to set us up for the day.

With lockdown beauty sales going up, up, up, we're pretty sure the demand for these calendars is going to be even bigger this year - after all who doesn't deserve a big, huge treat?
Whether you buy it as a cheeky pre-christmas present to yourself or you bribe someone into buying it for you - it will add joy to your December in so many ways!

As a relative beauty calendar newbie ( I bought the Feel Unique one last year) I have to say this is such a fantastic gift for a beauty geek. The joy of opening a gorgeously packaged product every day through the madness of December was such a pick me up and I got to try lots of brands and products that I had never heard of or thought of buying before. And yes, they're pretty expensive but if you're a die-hard beauty fan you can sit back and think of the savings - the Liberty calendar might cost a whopping £215 but you will save over £500 on products. You can see where I'm heading...

Some brands have already opened up their pre-orders and waitlists so it really is time to start planning your modus operandi! Here's a round-up of FIIVE'S favourite calendars for 2020.

Happy browsing and Merry, Merry Christmas! Xx

By Kit